UAE Business Directory List : List of the Best Online Yellow Pages and Local Business Directories in UAE
UAE Business Directory List : List of the Best Online Yellow Pages and Local Business Directories in UAE

UAE Business Directory List

UAE Business Directory List : List of the Best Online Yellow Pages and Local Business Directories in UAE

As a local business in United Arab Emirates, attracting new customers can be a major challenge. Quickly disappearing are the days when people go to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. Today, people are turning to the internet as a way to find trusted business recommendations. One way local businesses and companies in UAE can get found is through inclusion in online directories and yellow pages. Adding a listing to these UAE online directories is easy, but if you only list in a few, you’re really missing a huge opportunity to get found by online searchers. Every individual business directory or yellow pages directory that you submit to is another chance to get found online, so it’s important to make sure you’re listed in every directory possible. We have compiled a list of many popular local yellow pages and business directories in UAE.

UAE Business Directory List

List of Local Business Directories & Listings Sites in United Arab Emirates. List of the best online yellow pages and local business directories in UAE. Find bellow a comprehensive list of local yellow pages, business directories & business listings sites in UAE for local marketing.

1. UAE Yellow Pages

UAE Yellow Pages – Online business yellow pages directory UAE. Search yellow pages UAE for finding top businesses and companies in UAE with contact details. Yellow pages UAE is the best online business directory for finding best businesses and companies in UAE. From telephone numbers and location maps to links to business websites, we help consumers connect with local businesses in United Arab Emirates. UAE Yellow Pages is the most reliable destination to get information on high quality services and top-notch products from local businesses and companies in UAE. The UAE yellow pages business directory is an online marketplace that helps you list as well as find; exporters, importers and service providers in United Arab Emirates.

2. Dubai Yellow Pages

Dubai Yellow Pages – Directory of companies from the UAE. Yellow pages UAE is an online business directory with business listings, websites, email addresses & phone numbers. The most popular, professional and commercial business directory, containing information about all companies, merchants and businesses in UAE. The yellow pages business directory providing an exhaustive list of businesses covering various industries across all seven emirates in the UAE. The UAE yellow pages lists Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) companies in a user-friendly style, distinctly classifying the lists by business types in alphabetical order, along with a short description on the location of most of the listed companies in UAE.

3. Abu Dhabi Business Directory

Abu Dhabi Business Directory – Business directory and database of suppliers, exporters, importers, agents and retailers in UAE. Find list of companies in UAE and businesses offering their products and services in United Arab Emirates. We aims to be a most popular human-edited premium business directory for companies in UAE. We offer users to easily find businesses and services that near their local area from our directory search function. UAE companies directory and business list is the most up-to-date and comprehensive database of companies in UAE. This database we use as a valuable directory and marketing tool to sell products and services to businesses and companies in UAE.

4. UAE Companies Directory

UAE Companies Directory : Company directory Dubai UAE : List of companies in Dubai UAE with company name, company profile, email address, telephone numbers, location map & company contact details. Comprehensive lists of every company in Dubai from the small business to the biggest companies in Dubai UAE. Detailed directory of companies in Dubai and comprehensive listing of every registered company in Dubai. search companies in Dubai by business name, keyword, category, brand, phone number, and P.O Box. lists of companies in UAE broken up by nationalities: American companies, Australian companies, British companies, Canadian companies, Dutch companies, Egyptian companies, Filipino companies, French companies, German companies, Indonesian companies, Indian companies, Irish companies, Italian companies, Jordanian companies, Lebanese companies, Malaysian companies, Pakistani companies, Singaporean companies, South African companies, Sri Lankan companies in UAE and more.

5. Dubai Companies Directory

Dubai Companies List Directory – Company directory Dubai UAE : List of companies in Dubai UAE with company name, company profile, email address, telephone numbers, location map & company contact details. Comprehensive lists of every company in Dubai from the small business to the biggest companies in Dubai UAE. Detailed directory of companies in Dubai and comprehensive listing of every registered company in Dubai.  Search companies in Dubai by business name, keyword, category, brand, phone number, and P.O Box. lists of Dubai companies broken up by nationalities: American companies in Dubai, Australian companies in Dubai, British companies in Dubai, Canadian companies in Dubai, Dutch companies in Dubai, Egyptian companies in Dubai, Filipino companies in Dubai, French companies in Dubai, German companies in Dubai, Indonesian companies in Dubai, Indian companies in Dubai, Irish companies in Dubai, Italian companies in Dubai, Jordanian companies in Dubai, Lebanese companies in Dubai, Malaysian companies in Dubai, Pakistani companies in Dubai, Singaporean companies in Dubai, South African companies in Dubai, Sri Lankan companies in Dubai and more.

UAE Business Directories

Business directories have existed in the form of printed yellow pages. People have always relied on these to search for businesses and service providers. With the advent of the internet and large number of people switching to online search, the significance of online business directories has increased tremendously. This calls for a comparison between the offline and online business directories to understand which category offers more advantages. Here are some factors that form the basis for this comparison.

Geographical Search – Printed versions provide information about local markets and local businesses. But what if you wish to learn about the product and service providers in other region? Fortunately, the online business directories break the geographical barriers. People living in the United States can refer to the online directories in India for a diversified experience in the terms of finding businesses & services.

Updated Information – Offline printed directories update the information about the business providers once a year. So, the information you come across might have gone out-of-date. On the other hand, a business directory available on the web is regularly updated with the business information regarding different companies. So, you can easily rely upon online directories to find up-to-date information about different businesses.

Product Catalogs – This is among the most significant difference that makes online directories much better than their offline counterparts. The businesses are allowed to display their product catalogs in the web-based directories. On the other hand, the offline directories are simply used for listing services, where no information about the business products is available.

Business Marketing – From the perspective of the business owners, an online business directory provides them with the platform to promote their business products and services. The web based directories are good enough to promote businesses among different types of customers, including wholesalers, exporters, retailers and end-users as well.

Easy to Search Information – Online directories offer fast and easy search tools that make it easy for the interested buyers to search for the products and services easily. This type of facility is lacked by the offline directories that require people to go through boring pages to search for the information they want. So, searching using online directories is a less time consuming process.

Inexpensive Tools – Printed directories are costly not only for the publisher but also for the businesses getting listed in them. On the other hand, online business directories are among the least expensive online promotion tools. Businesses don’t have to spend considerably t get listed in the web-based directories.

Easy to Access – Internet directories can be accessed at any point of time and from any place. You can even access them from your mobile phones. However, it is impractical to carry printed directories everywhere. So, you can easily find information about business providers using the online directories from homes, offices and other places.

These directories act as the meeting platforms for the purchasers and the sellers and for the businesses to find their targeted audiences. So, these directories got to have some great advantages over the printed directories.

UAE’s Most Outstanding Local Business Directories

The success of local online business directories to supply information quickly on demand made them more enticing for consumers to use when looking for a local business. This increase in demand for local online business directories makes them important marketing tools for local businesses today. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own (i.e. law office, bookkeeping company, laundry shop, pizza parlor, etc.) local business listings can help you grow your business.

There’s a survey done on consumers and online business directories and it was found out that consumers prefer online business listings to quickly find businesses in their area. The survey revealed that over 50% of businesses found on directory searches result in either a call or visit by a willing customer. You need to make sure that the local business number called is your business!

Today, several online business directories offer free business listing-ensure that your business is visible on these free online directories. And although paid-for listings will often appear at the top of the directory results, there are strategies to get your business to the top of a directory using a free listing. Ten Major Online Business Directories in UAE


The leading online business directory with over 6 million monthly users, allows free business listings but the option to customize your listing by adding in photos and description are non-existent at present. They have their site on paid listings and the price range from 300 pounds to 600 pounds depending on the business category.

Verdict: don’t miss the free business listing; spending some money on paid listing is a good investment too because of the site’s large pool of users.

2. can handle ALL types of businesses directory listings. Qype’s users actively rate and recommend businesses on the site. So get your business mentioned on this site and watch out for a surge in sales! Qype lets businesses add lots of extra information for free like photos and business description. A full listing will really standout and getting good customer reviews can get you to the top of the listings for free. Qype do offer a paid-for listings service for approximately £50/month which represents good value in increasing leads with fewer effort on your part.

Verdict: list your business, add extra detail; consider their paid-for listings should your budget allows.


A relative newcomer to UK, this bizarrely named directory has developed quickly thanks to its excellent Google PR. All listings are free and a business can add lots of extra information which will help you to get up their ranking and also start appearing in Google for relevant search terms.

Verdict: while the site is free, take the opportunity to list your business.


This is a free online classified advertising service, not a directory. Vivastreet has over 1.2 million users per month and enjoys a very good Google PR. No other site can promote events, special offers, promos, etc. like However, the free directory listings on the site will expire; you need to go back and re-list your advert on the site regularly. While your listing is on Vivastreet, however, it can do tremendous benefits to your Google Places listing.

Verdict: if you have special offers, promos, events, etc. to promote, the site is the best for you.


Perhaps because the site has been here for quite some time now, its design is showing signs of obsolescence. They offer a basic free-listing which is useful as a citation for your Google Places listing. When the site convinces you to go for their paid-listing though, think twice because the value may not be commensurate with the money spent.

Verdict: list your business for free but not worth paying for.

6. is another rising player in UK’s business directory listings arena. It’s free directory listings is not to be missed for all business owners. The site doesn’t buy business listings-all businesses on their directory have been listed by the owners themselves, which helps boost reputation on Google page ranking. The site is very good in generating leads for local businesses too.

Verdict: don’t hesitate to use the free business listing but take time to consider the lead generation offer of the site.

7. Bizwiki & AccessPlace

Two separate directories but they share information, so if you list on Bizwiki you get free directory listings on Access Place too! Their combined monthly audience is approximately 700,000, and you can list your business and extra information including photos, service description, opening hours, etc. for free.

Verdict: Recommendation: strive to get positive consumer reviews to push your listing to the top


Yelp is huge in the US; Google recently tried to buy them for a reported US$500m! They’ve been in the UK for a couple of years and are rapidly building a loyal audience; they’ve grown from 100k users to 500k in 12 months! Yelp is known originally for their restaurant reviews; now they cover all business categories. The site puts emphasis on good reviews, and to get good reviews means you need master how Yelp’s online community functions.

Verdict: it has the potential to become a major force in the business directory listings arena, so list now for free and start generating some positive user reviews.

9.’s focus is on local promos more than local SEO London listings, which makes them a different online directory. The main focus is on London businesses providing them a venue to advertise their local promos, which is distributed to mobile apps and other relevant sites

Verdict: great lead generator if you have discount vouchers so list for free, add your promos vouchers and wait for the phone to ring.

10. is a directory devoted to lifestyle and entertainment businesses, that is to say bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, venues, etc. They now cover major cities in the UK and are expanding rapidly. The site allows listing businesses for free without limiting the information that can be added. They have several advertising and paid-listing opportunities; their service could be expensive but a lot of business owners say that their service works.

Verdict: if you’re into the entertainment business, then list your business for free and consider testing their paid-for options to see what the return is like.


Online business directories are powerful local business marketing platform today. Local business owners should take advantage of the free listing opportunities and focus their efforts on getting directory users to leave sparkling reviews to boost their free directory listings rank. Don’t be afraid to spend your extra marketing money on these leading directories but make sure you shop around-it’s a competitive market!